CV-22B’s at night

I spent a few days over RAF Mildenhall this week and was lucky enough to catch a few CV-22B’s flying the circuit, but the one image that I really wanted to capture is when the Ospreys return to RAF Mildenhall when it gets dark after their local sorties from Stanta, Sculthorpe or Woodbridge. On the Monday we had two CV-22’s depart in the afternoon and bash the circuit all evening and then departed RAF Mildenhall for Stanta (Delta 208) and didn’t return until dark which worked perfectly for what I wanted, the CV-22B’s are equipped with rotor tip lights which help the ground crew to see the edge of the rotor blades in darkness when moving around the aircraft, with both aircraft returning together as a two ship the first CV-22B arrived with the lights showing and I took these images on the following settings: 1/30th Second Shutter Speed and at ISO 500 so I’m very pleased with the results.

© R y a n  D o r l i n g





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