‘Big Safari’

Built in 1961 61-2666 started off its life as a WC-135W weather aircraft and underwent many different schemes, after many years she now works for L3 Communications and was re-designated an NC-135W where she is still powered by four Pratt & Witney TF-33-P-5’s the aircraft is one of only five aircraft that the USAF still flies with TF-33 engines still fitted:

WC-135’s (61-2667, 62-3582)

OC-135B’s (61-2670, 61-2672)

Her main role now is with L3 based at Majors Field, Greenville Texas where she tests different pieces of equipment for the RC-135 program called ‘Big Safari’. She test’s new equipment to see if they perform to the right standard before they equip the USAF’s RC-135 fleet with the same technology, the unit that 61-2666 belongs to is the 645th MATS Det.2 another thing that she sports is an AFMC (Air Force Material Command) band.

Below: Here 61-2666 is seen as a WC-135 parked up at RAF Mildenhall in the 80’s in her grey scheme  © C h r i s D o r l i n g


Below: Seen taking the runway 29 under-run on May 11th 2014 on her way to Souda bay, Crete. © R y a n  D o r l i n g



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