RAF Mildenhall Base Tour

On 16th September 2014, Reheat Aviation were invited onto RAF Mildenhall for a base tour, the day would start with us being shown around base ops.

Base Ops is used by crews to organise and file their flight plans, also the crew can organise their billeting and they can also check aeronautical charts so they know their way-points for their flight plans. Another thing that the base ops supply is Ornithological information, for example bird types that they may encounter on the airfield, and where to be vigilant for the birds as well as the current bird condition of the airfield, which runs in bird condition low, medium and high.

Base Ops

Above: This is the view of Base Ops.

After we visited the tower we went over to the 351st Air Refuelling Squadron (ARS), where we were taken out to a KC-135R Stratotanker tail number 63-8021, we where taken down into the boomers pod and up to the cockpit, also we were taken around the jet.

Refuelling lights

Here you can see the lights, that will help the pilot of the receiver aircraft position himself correctly behind the KC-135.


Above: 63-8021 sits on its hardstand waiting for our visit.

Pacer crag

Above: This image shows the Pacer crag cockpit of the KC-135R Stratotanker.


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