Exercise Jackel Stone 14

On the 5th September 2014 two AC-130U ‘Spooky II’ Gunships arrived at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk on their way to Spangdahlem AFB, Germany to participate in ‘Exercise Jackal Stone 14’, an exercise that consists of bringing multi-national elite forces together so that they can train, which will help with future operations that may arise overall their were 10 nations that took part in the exercise.

As well as the AC-130U’s the 352nd SOG from RAF Mildenhall also participated with their CV-22B Osprey’s and MC-130J Commando II’s. The exercise lasted for two weeks, after the two week deployment the AC-130U’s returned to RAF Mildenhall on transit back to the US.


11-5731 an MC-130J from the 352nd SOG is seen on finals to runway 29, after taking some equipment out to Germany in readiness for the exercise.


‘Terminator II’ the nickname for this AC-130U gunship 90-0167 from the 4th SOS / 16th SOW.


‘Predator’ is the nickname of this AC-130U 89-0511.


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