Snow Whites New tail

Snow Whites New tail

After its deployment down range ZZ664 rotated back to RAF Mildenhall as part Operation Bolthole and departed back to the USA on the 14th November 2015 via Lajes for ‘rework’. The ‘rework’ would be completed at Greenville, Texas and the aircraft also had new tail art applied (Photo’s of both ZZ665 and ZZ664 can be seen in our October article ‘RAF recieves new Rivet Joint‘), ZZ664 arrived back at RAF Mildenhall in the early hours of the 18th January 2016 Callsign ‘ASCOT 7203’, the tail art is to commemorate 51 Squadron’s 100 year anniversary which will be in May 2016.


After having some maintenance issues on the evening of Tuesday 16th Febuary 2016 RC-135W Airseeker R.1 ZZ664 would depart Mildenhall on a training sortie with callsign ‘Dragnet 21’ and gave the people around the base a view of her new special tail markings, Reheat Aviation where fortunate enough to catch her departing on this particular mission.


‘Dragnet 21’ is see taxing to runway 29 via Bravo. Image by Ryan Dorling (Reheat Aviation)


‘Dragnet 21’ is seen rolling for departure. Image by Chris Dorling (Reheat Aviation)


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