Frenesi joins the Horseman for Flying Legends

The other attraction at Duxford is the presence of Comanche Fighters P-51D ‘Frenesi’ she is here to take part in the flying legends airshow at Duxford on the 8th and 9th July 2017 as part of the Horseman Flight team who will be performing with a three ship of P-51’s consisting of KH774 (G-SHWN) in the lead, 43-24823 (N515ZB) Berlin Express on the left wing and 44-13318 (N357FG) on the right wing.


‘Frenesi’ undergoing some maintenance in the Old Flying Machine Company hangar. Image by Ryan Dorling (Reheat Aviation)


‘Frenesi’ being towed to the flight line for an engine test. Image by Ryan Dorling (Reheat Aviation)


In the very capable hands of Steve Hinton, Frenesi is taxied out to the alpha hold for an engine run up before departing for a short flight test. Image by Ryan Dorling (Reheat Aviation)

44-13318 was piloted by Lt Col. Thomas L. Hayes of the 357th Fighter Group ‘Yoxford Boys’, Hayes earned his pilot wings in February 1941 and was posted to the 17th Pursuit Squadron flying P-40’s, in February 1942 he was shot down in combat but after recovering from his injuries he was then posted to the 35th Fighter Group, flying P-39’s and P-400’s it was with his squadron that Hayes was credited with destroying two Japanese aircraft whilst they were on the ground. He would later join the 357th Fighter Group ‘Yoxford Boys’ and in May of 1943 he also took command of the 364th Fighter Squadron and in March 1944 Hayes was also appointed the deputy commander of the 357th Fighter Group. He returned to the United States in August 1944 with 8.5 aerial victories and 2 ground victories. 


The aircraft was named after the popular song “Free ‘n Easy”, she was one of the very first P-51D’s to be sent to the 357th Fighter Group. The bomb markings on the nose are to indicate missions completed rather than bombs dropped.



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