Rawhides visit Mildenhall

Seen departing Mildenhall on the morning of 26th July 2017 is 162168 ‘ROMEO GULF 01’ and 162159 ‘ROMEO GULF 02’ C-2A Greyhounds of VRC-40 Det.2, the aircraft are operating out of RAF Mildenhall whilst the USS George W Bush (CVN-77 / CVW-8) a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy makes its way to Portsmouth to dock in Stokes Bay.   


© Ryan Dorling

The Greyhound is used for Carrier onboard delivery (COD) to transport supplies, cargo, mail and passengers onto aircraft carriers like the USS George W Bush, the C-2’s currently operate with two main squadrons VRC-30 and VRC-40 under a number of different deployment squadrons. The two aircraft that are currently operating out of RAF Mildenhall are from VRC-40 also known as the “Rawhides” and are based out of Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.  


© Ryan Dorling

It is thought that the C-2 Greyhounds will be replaced by the Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey sometime in the future, after many different platforms were thought of even a COD version of the S-3 Viking, the MV-22B was chosen as a suitable replacement for the ageing C-2 fleet, but until that replacement comes the C-2 Greyhound will continue to be a work horse of the US NAVY.


© Ryan Dorling


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