‘We observe the unknown’

The 95th Reconnaissance Squadron have been flying as part of the 24th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, which was re-activated as part of the units deployment to RAF Mildenhall.

24th ERS 62-4139

These two images above show the current 24th ERS patch.

On the 23rd April 2014 the first of two Rivet Joint’s arrived serial number 62-4138 which was soon joined by 62-4139, on the 9th May 2014. These two airframes rotated their missions over their time deployed at RAF Mildenhall, missions lasted in the region of around 7 hours. But after a few months at RAF Mildenhall 62-4139 left and headed back home to Offutt AFB, Nebraska leaving 62-4138 to continue the long missions.

62-4139  62-4138

Left: 62-4139 nicknamed ‘Sniper’. Right: 62-4138 nicknamed ‘Jungle Assassin’.

The third RC-135 to deploy to RAF Mildenhall was 64-14849 RC-135U Combat Sent, this aircraft has been hard at work and has gained some mission marks in the process, the mission marks are of the Russian ‘Hammer and Sickle’ symbol. The symbol was made during the Russian Revolution, the hammer stood for the people who where the poorest class of working people, the sickle stood for the worker-peasants. the Combat Sent also has three silhouettes of Russian Warships applied to the aircraft.

Mission Marks

Above: The Mission marks seen applied to the RC-135U Combat Sent.

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